Smart Contract Interaction Made Easy
Upload your smart contract details and access it via a publicly accessible unique URL without the hassle of storing ABI, address, and network.
Zero Hassle Interaction
READ and WRITE functions easily and quickly.
Share Function Easily
Smart Contract might have hundreds of functions and variables. Finding function is not that user friendly. Conteract makes it real easy for anyone to run and share functions directly from URL Query Parameters.
. . . with pre-filled values.
Responsive Iframe Integration
It's like its coded right there (see below). Add ?iframe=true in the contract URL.
Infura Integration
You can run READ functions on any device without any ethereum client like Metamask. Our backend platform is integrated with Infura which take cares of reading data from ethereum blockchain.
Import From Etherscan
One-click import of verified etherscan contract. Submit the etherscan contract URL and interact with your contract within seconds.